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A Temtem's Physical Defense ; this represents the Temtem's endurance when receiving a Physical Technique and is used when determining the damage received from an enemy Temtem's Physical Technique. A Temtem's Special Defense ; this represents the Temtem's endurance when receiving a Special Technique and is used when determining the damage received from an enemy Temtem's Special Technique. Speed determines the order in which Temtems will use Techniques in a turn. In battle, Speed can be altered with a Technique's Priority. Priority moves will greatly improve or reduce Speed for that attack only.

Stamina determines how many Techniques a Temtem can perform during battle. Unlike the HP bar, the Stamina bar completely refills at the end of every battle. In Temtem, every Technique has a certain Stamina cost that is subtracted from a Temtem's Stamina on use.

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Stronger Techniques will cost more Stamina , allowing for fewer uses and vice-versa. If the Stamina bar is completely drained, using Techniques will cause the user to take self-damage due to Overexertion see below. Temtems recover a small amount of Stamina at the end of every turn, but can also be ordered to Rest , recovering even more Stamina while performing no Technique for that turn.

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The Stamina stat can affect HP as well. When a Temtem uses a Technique that costs more Stamina than it has available, the Temtem will Overexert and lose some HP proportional to the difference between the stamina cost of the Technique and the Temtem's remaining Stamina. Training Values are controllable factors that grow individually for each of the 7 Stats.

There is a maximum amount of TVs that can be earned per Stat and in total , so the player must choose which Stat they're going to improve. This value doesn't change when the Temtem evolves. Training Values are given to the Temtem in one of two ways: beating wild Temtem either by knockout or capture or by feeding your Temtem special fruit items.

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The latter option also allows you to decreases your Temtems TV as well. A list of what Training Values each Temtem gives off when caught or defeated can be seen in the link here. Single Values are uncontrollable factors that cannot be changed under any conditions, ranging in value between 1 and Unlike TV, this value can be maxed for all stats.

For wild Temtem, these stats are randomly generated. A Temtem born through breeding will inherit SV from its parents and may achieve the highest possible SV in all stats through selective breeding and inheritance. Luma Temtem always have three maxed out SVs.

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Starter Temtem have fixed SVs. The Base Stats of a Temtem are unique for each species, and are the main factor when determining how a specific stat will grow when leveling. Whenever a Temtem evolves, its Base Stats also change, which usually means that the Temtem gets stronger. More than two-thirds of marketers say their companies compete mostly on the basis of customer service. How many support channels should a company have and which channels are the most valued by customers?

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    Table of contents Customer Satisfaction Customer Support Channels Customer Support Agents Good Customer Experiences Bad Customer Experiences Customer Self-Service Future of Customer Experience. How do customers define satisfaction?

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    • Where do they turn for support channels? What are good versus bad experiences? When do they want self-service? In the stats More than two-thirds of marketers say their companies compete mostly on the basis of customer service. Lesson 1 Gaining better understanding of customer expectations can direct customer service strategies.

      Customers place high value on consistency, authenticity, and knowledge. In the stats On average, customers stay on hold for 11 minutes before hanging up a support call. In The Stats More than six in ten U. American Express. Black Belt Machine Learning 45 seconds is how long on average customers are willing to wait for a response via a live chat.