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The shop has the best selection of turf shoes available in the city. Soccer is a popular sport in Wingback County. Currently there are 6, children participating in the youth soccer leagues, and 3, adults participating in the adult league. The number of players are growing dramatically. There are two factors that are impacting the popularity of soccer. The first is the large number of children in the county under the age of There are approximately 30, children in the county under the age of The projection is that the percentage of children under the age of 12 will continue to grow for the next five years.

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The most popular sport with this age group is soccer. The second factor is the growing number of young people between the ages of 24 — 35 that are participating in team sports. The demand for fields has led to the county building four new playing fields this year. Currently, there are 24 adult league teams participating in the outdoor city soccer league. Currently, there are 40, children in the Richmond Metro area between the ages of 6 to In contrast to the metro area, the suburbs have a full array of youth sports with strong financial support.

Clinical studies also show that sports and recreation programs can help youth establish lifelong, healthy, physical activity patterns. In response to this significant disparity, YouthSports will be created to provide the sports program necessary for Richmond children to have equal opportunity for organized sports. Thanks to a three-year matching grant from The John Ford Stevenson Foundation JFSF , YouthSports and several corporate partners plan to utilize organized sports and physical activity programs to promote healthy development in youth.

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It concentrates its grantmaking in three goal areas: Schools and health care centers will host sport registration. With matching contributions from local partners, the project will receive substantial funding. With this base of support, YouthSports will raise additional money from program sponsors and fundraising campaigns.

YouthSports will be a private, non-profit, youth sports program serving children, ages , in the Richmond Metro area.

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The focus of the program is to promote youth sport participation, promote healthy development in youth, and increase youth access to health care. YouthSports has rented office space near the city cent park system. Outdoor sports will be played on public school and park property. Indoor sports will be played in public school gyms.

There are 40, children in the Richmond Metro area between six to 14 years of age. The age group percentages break down as follows:. The current age break down provides YouthSports with an excellent opportunity to impact half of our target group at the youngest ages. This will have a tremendous impact on the success of the program over the next five years. It is also important to note that there are over 25, children in the Richmond Metro area between the ages of two to five.

These children will be entering the YouthSports program within the next three years. It is critical that the program is prepared to manage the influx of these young children. Are you a first time investor? You may want to get some guidance before you know your way around the These female entrepreneurs are breaking barriers, transforming industries and inspiring change on the continent. Listening to customer feedback. Follow strict financial controls. Have constant turnover of inventory encouraging customers to come in often. Be known for excellent customer service.

Company Summary Jerseys is an existing business that is being purchased by Phil Garment. Market Analysis Summary The sports collectible market is huge, particularly for sport jerseys. While this group does not have significant amounts of discretionary income, a function of their age, they typically do get an allowance and save their money for purchases relating to sports. To them, nothing would be better than to stay in front of a TV for the entire Saturday or Sunday watching all the different games that day.

Sixty-five percent of the adults that collect memorabilia began as a child and have continued into adulthood. Fifty-five percent have at least some college education. This group enjoys to watch sports, while most of the observations occur with the TV, this group views live sports at least 10 times a year. Local sports collectible retail stores. There are two other retail stores in the city, however they tend to concentrate more on equipment than clothing. The ages of collectors ranges from young kids to grown adults.

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With the growing popularity of eBay, sport collectible trading has become even more popular with a much more open market. Jerseys has segmented the market into two niches, children and adults. In general the children are most interested in the baseball and football jerseys with the adults showing primary interest in all three.

The first is having a comprehensive inventory. The second key is to listen to customers. Having an active feedback loop will be essential for Jerseys to exceed customer expectations. The last key to success will be to implement and adhere to strict financial controls.

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Jerseys ' competitive edge of inventory will be leveraged to quickly grow sales. The inventory is an advantage for two reasons. Second, having a constant turnover of inventory will also be effective in increasing the times that an individual customer will come back to Jerseys to check up on any new products.

Phil is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is passionate about sports which is clear just from speaking with him. Most of our customers will use our services once every week or every two weeks, depending on the amount of rain we get. In this area, lawn care needs vary greatly depending on the weather, and while this year is likely to be dry, future years will probably see a return to normal rain levels, meaning faster-growing grass and weeds and more frequent lawn care.

As the business grows, the owners will consider re-registering as a limited liability company or as a corporation, whichever will better suit the future business needs. The service is typically offered once a week in season, but we can create a custom schedule for clients if they have beginning of the season projects, or if the weather changes their lawn care needs. This population is the most likely to use a lawn care service such as ours, since they often have more acreage than they can easily care for.

Red will be canvassing neighbourhoods and posting flyers to develop a clientele. In the second year, Red will expand service beyond the small rural town to the urban area located 15 miles east. Free Sample Marketing Plan Template. Over the last three years, the prices for homes in the nearby urban place advertisements have skyrocketed.

By targeting customers with large lawns and parcels of property, we will fill the niche created by urban flight, as well as keep our margins higher than we could with small lawns. Transportation time and costs for all the equipment make it more profitable to do a few large lawns than many smaller ones. Since we want to maximise lawn size cared for in both settings, our eventual outreach to urban dwellings will focus on high-end houses and lawns on large, often older, lots. Initially, we will canvass nearby homes in our rural town. Red will be basing the business out of our home, very close to the target market.

Red will start by speaking with his own neighbours. Although some people are put off by solicitors, Red is their neighbour, so they will be more comfortable with him and he will be able to make his sales pitch. We will also put some small signs on our own lawn advertising our service. Once Red has built up a steady list of customers he will begin to run advertisements in the local paper to gain access in different neighbourhoods.

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In the second year, we will continue running ads and begin outreach to the more affluent city customers with large lawns. The industry includes both residential areas individual homes and commercial areas apartment complexes, business parks, schools, etc. The commercial side is generally serviced by larger landscaping services.

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The residential side is serviced by both landscaping companies and basic lawn care service companies. The lawn care business is made up of many small companies.

Executive Summary

This occurs because of the high labor intensity and low start-up costs of the industry. The industry is vulnerable to recession, as lawn care is a luxury.

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Lastly, the lawn care industry is seasonal, with the high season being spring through fall. There is usually little activity in the winter, but some can be achieved by acquiring a clientele that will utilise monthly maintenance through the winter months. The lawn care business can be divided into two types, residential and commercial.

As a start up or one person business, it is much easier to enter into the residential market compared with the commercial market. The commercial market is dominated by larger, established companies. Within the residential market, there are two competitors: They are servicing even larger homes that require other landscaping activities that need more equipment and multiple employees. The margins are therefore larger for the full-scale companies because they can charge more for the higher-skilled work. In the residential market, the current competition is underwhelming and often lacks basic quality and professionalism.

click here The trend with the residential customers is that they are making their purchasing decisions based on referrals and perceived professionalism and quality of service. Dribbling Indoor Soccer is the only indoor soccer facility in the Wingback County area. The population of Wingback County is , residents.