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Here, you'll always find something to do to lighten your soul and put a smile on your face. Lake Martin has an incredible number of trails designed for exploring our ruggedly beautiful terrain — stands of majestic pines and rolling green hills — and for exploring your own connection to the natural world — where the only sounds you hear are the call of birds and your own breath. We don't just love Lake Martin. We know it inside and out.

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Lake life has its own secret language — sea walls, dock permitting, the rise and fall of lake levels to name just a few. We put our wealth of experience into helping people find the home of their dreams and handle all of the details.

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So you can make the most informed decisions possible — and get back to the lake. This is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of offers to buy real estate in Alabama by residents of Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina, or any other jurisdiction where prohibited by law.

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The sedimentary rocks laid down by these rivers and onto the lakebed tell the story of how the environment changed over time. Curiosity landed on a group of sedimentary rocks known as the Bradbury group. The rover sampled a part of this group called the Sheepbed mudstones, as well as rocks from the Murray formation at the base of the 5-kilometer high peak at the center of the crater known as Mount Sharp.

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Both types of rocks were deposited in the ancient lake, but the Sheepbed rocks are older and occur lower in the stratigraphic layers of rocks. Comparing the two types of rocks can lead to interesting revelations about the paleoenvironment. Rocks that form at the same time in the same area can nevertheless display differences in composition and other characteristics. One is comprised mainly of hematite and phyllosilicate, and given the name HP, while the other is the magnetite-silicate facies, known as MS.

Curiosity landed on rocks known as the Bradbury group. The Murray formation consist of younger rocks at the base of Mount Sharp. The height is exaggerated in the diagram. The near-shore HP facies have thicker layers in the rocks compared to the thin layers of the deeper water MS facies.

This difference in layer thickness is because the river flowing into the lake would have slowed down and dumped some of its sedimentary material at the lake shore.

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The flow would then have spread into the lake and dropped finer material into the deeper parts of the lake. Stress, hardships, hour working days. Feelings that are so overwhelming that you want to escape. Lack of sleep that feels like it is almost impossible to overcome it by sleeping. Then again, days like this help to overcome and move beyond those hard times.

At the lake, everything falls into our place. I only wish that you could experience days like this, too. Wherever you are living, I hope that you can find your moments and life at the lake — be it an actual lake or another place for peace of mind and relaxation.

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There is a chance for you too to get on Lake Puruvesi and visit Petri Island. They also have boat rental services.

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I warmly recommend both companies!